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Downtown Vegas/Fremont


Everyone goes to Vegas for the strip, but my favorite part of Vegas is the downtown area.

……But it wasn’t always this way.

A few years ago,  there were very few attractions in the Downtown area of Las Vegas.

I remember my parents planning out one night every month to go to Main Street Station to enjoy the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

Back then, the buffets were the most attractive feature about Fremont Street.

Today, Downtown Vegas has many more options.

Downtown LV is no longer the desolate place for a buffet here and there. The area has been transformed into a cool hipster area with great eats, trendy bars and cool shops.

The new downtown is the perfect mix of tourist and local flavor.

Here’s what you can do if you happen to visit Downtown LV:

Eat good food.

Some of my favorite restaurants in Vegas are in the Downtown area. On my most recent trips to Vegas (I’ve taken a few this year), I’ve often found myself starting my days with bites from places like Rachel’s Kitchen, Eat, and PublicUs.

Take a walking tour of the street art.

Downtown Las Vegas is a bloggers paradise. Around the downtown area, you can find some of the most amazing works of art lining local buildings. Far beyond graffiti, the murals range from highly intricate drawings to modern abstract geometric shapes.

Visit Container Park.

The fact that Container Park is the first mall built from trucking containers makes it worth seeing alone. However, Container Park also has a lot to offer. Trendy shops and restaurants fill Container Park. Some of my favorites include the wine bar Bin 702, Cure Nail Salon, and Perch the restaurant.

Try Zip lining.

I have yet to try this, but every time I go to Vegas I get all googly eyed at it. In Downtown Las Vegas, you can take a zipline across Fremont Street and hover over the crowds. (I plan to try this on my next visit.)

While I love exploring The Strip, Downtown Vegas is also worth checking out. If you ever happen to go to Downtown LV, please share what you did. I’d love to know what gems you found.

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