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Girls Trip To NYC

I should be sleeping.

That’s all I could think about on the flight home from New York. After two nights of less than six hours of sleep, you’d think I was worn out enough to fall straight to sleep on my flight home.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. After a few cat naps, my engine was still running on 3/4 of a tank.

My time in New York was exciting and refreshing.

I’m sure you don’t hear that too often when people refer to New York, however, I spent the day with two beautiful spirits that made the trip one of the most pleasurable day trips I have ever had.

I traveled to New York with my two friends, Cyndi and Jas (who are both wonderful travel partners).

We arrived at New York’s LaGuardia Airport around 9AM from Chicago. The weather was about 52 degrees, just perfect for a girls day trip!

We started our day by meeting up with Jas’ friend at their apartment in Queens.

While they didn’t plan to spend the day with us, they offered us suggestions on places to go and things to do in the city.

(If you know me, you know that I hadn’t planned anything yet)

For her first time in NYC, Cyndi decided that the only thing that she absolutely had to see was Times Square. That left us with no plans except to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

We parted ways with Jas’ friend around noon to meet up with another friend for lunch.

We settled on lunch at Cabana restaurant in Queens and let me just tell you …. the food was delicious.

We started out with a Calamari Frito, freshly fried tender pieces of squid in crispy batter served with sangria with a hint of brandy.

For my main meal, I enjoyed the Pollo al Ajillo, a succulent piece of marinated chicken a succulent piece of marinated chicken sauteed with garlic, white wine, and fresh herbs.

After we left the restaurant we were all experiencing what they call “the itis” and were in need of a nap, however, we pushed on.

When we left, we got a ride to the subway, so that we could start our day of adventure.

Upon arriving at the subway and waking from a brief nap, we were instructed to take the E or F train towards Manhattan.

I’d like to think of myself as a subway pro, so there wasn’t any fear about riding the NYC trains.

We hopped on the train and mid-trip I decided we’d go to Chinatown or Canal Street. I remembered going as a child and finding great bargains, so I thought my friends may enjoy it as well.

And they did.

We walked up and down Canal Street checking out different things, however, we didn’t buy much.

Afterward, we caught the train toward the Empire State Building.

Cyndi couldn’t stop singing “Empire State of Mind” so I thought it was appropriate.

I then used Google Maps to map out a few different attractions that we could see within the vicinity of Empire State Building.

We ended up seeing Radio City, Central Park, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, & Grand Central Station.

Not bad for a trip less than 24 hours.

Afterward, we took the train to Harlem for dinner at Harlem Tavern.

At Harlem Tavern, I settled on hot wings and fries. Nothing too spectacular.

Soon after we snagged an Uber to the airport and made our way back home.

I’d say that girls trip was super successful for what we saw, how much we laughed, and the amount of fun we had while doing it.

If you have a day or two off, I’d encourage you to try a short trip like this and see how much you could see in a day… you’d be surprised.

Trips like this are great because you only pay for your airfare and whatever you do while you’re there.

We found tickets online for just $100 on Spirit Airlines allowing us to go and come back. I’m pretty sure we probably spent about $250 for the experience in total. I’m certain if you check out other ultra-low-cost carriers, you can find cheap tickets for less than that. Just think, you could experience a new city for just $150.

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