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The One Reason Every Couple Should Do A Group Couples Vacation

Last week, bae and I (yes, I have a bae and don’t worry about who he is… he is my mystery man until further notice) went on a couples vacation to Orlando.

When he called me to ask me did I want to go, inside I was like … yes, finally baecation! I’ve been waiting for this moment, but really Orlando?! What the hell are we going to do in Orlando?! Orlando is for kids, not baecation.

In my mind, I’d pictured our first baecation to be somewhere tropical like Turks and Caicos or even Punta Cana. I could have even settled on Miami, but here we were making plans for Orlando.

And while I wasn’t too ecstatic to be spending my first baecation in Orlando, I was beyond happy to be taking a vacation with my sweetheart.

“Can you get the days off?” he called to ask.

“Can I?” I thought “Now you know I would find a way to get the time off to go on vacation with you. I’ve been waiting for us to go somewhere for forever and the time has finally come”. However, I calmly said “I think I can get the time off. Let me check and I’ll get back to you (sometimes you have to be modest).

In a matter of five minutes, my schedule was completely open for him.

Couples baecation was happening and I was ready for it.

Or so I thought.

The thing I didn’t know about “couples baecation” is that your ducks must be in order for the weekend to run smoothly.

I mean, I’d thought that my bae and I had our ducks in a row.  I assumed we were secure and sound in our relationship, but midtrip I found myself in the midst of a huge blow-up.

Couples vacation will do that to you.

It can blow up your spot. Expose your relationship and challenge your friendships if you let it.

It’s a tricky little beast.

And it still could be a good time for the both of you, but a weekend with friends could definitely become a turning point in your relationship – for the good or bad.

Luckily for us, it helped us reached a new appreciation for one another. It made us talk about things that we had been skirting around and brought our attention to things that we thought the other had missed.

You see, on a couples vacation, you will spend your time getting to know the dynamics of multiple relationships.

You observe how other couples interact with one another and you also learn about the depth and breadth of your own relationship.

You are also learning each other separately as friends.

It becomes an exploratory trip focused on different relationships at once.

It’s this processing that makes a couples trip so interesting but so tricky and challenging.

But there is a lot of growth that happens there. And a new understanding that takes heed in the midst of it all.

Unlike your average baecation where you and your bae are removed from your everyday life to live in a dream world, couples vacation is like more like a therapy meeting where you can easily find yourself confronting your problems that you had planned on leaving at home.

And although this may seem heavy for some, I’d encourage everyone to experience it at least once in your relationship.

It’ll help you see your partner in a new light. Beyond that, it will push your relationship to new boundaries and it will force you to explore your security or insecurities in your mate.

Overall, our weekend was great. We had a lot of fun and I was able to see Orlando with new eyes. It was definitely not what I expected. Who knew there was an adult version of Orlando.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself.

I’m thankful that our relationship was challenged over our couples weekend. We are now stronger.

And while I don’t anticipate that every couples vacation will be like this, especially now that we have a new understanding of each other. However, I do think that each time we do this we will learn something new about one other – and that’s important.

In order for a relationship to grow, both people must continuously evolve together.

And traveling together definitely forces us to evolve.


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