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Your Guide To Planning A Group Trip

If you’re thinking about planning your own couples group baecation or a just a group trip with friends, here is a guide to get you started:

Pick a location.

The first step to planning your trip is to determine the location. At times, I’ve found that our location is heavily reliant on our budgets or events taking place in the city. Sometimes, our location is influenced by other factors such as our bucket list.  Picking the location is important because it will frame the entire trip.

Set a date.

Choose the dates for your group trip. It will likely be reliant on the availability of most of your group members.

Determine a reasonable budget.

This is critical. Typically, everyone will not have the same budget. Be sure to set a budget that will accommodate everyone. Be wary of asking for budgets in a group chat, as people may feel obligated to go beyond their means if the majority of the group is proposing a rather steep budget.

Book flights & rental cars.

There are plenty of ways of getting to your destination.

For airline travel, I typically use the Hopper or Kayak price analyzers to determine how much air travel will cost, when is the right time to book, and the best days to travel to get the lowest fares. I also keep a lookout for discounts on airline newsletters. Sometimes you can find the best deals through their personal newsletters.

Book Accommodations

Usually a hotel suite, cabin, or Airbnb are the best options for a group trip.

Designate a leader

Designate one person as the travel coordinator. Whoever you chose as your travel coordinator should be good at planning and coordinating budgets. This person will also be in charge of taking all of the recommendations and compiling them into an itinerary. They will be influential in making decisions for the group on activities that fit within the trip time and budget.

Have everyone chip ideas on activities

It’s important to have everyone involved in the planning so that everyone feels included. Ask the group to chip in on ideas for activities. You could also designate different group members to be in charge of different aspects of the planning –  playing to everyone’s strengths (i.e. someone could be in charge of solidifying accommodations, another person could be over an activity or two etc).

Plan an itinerary

This will fall on the person designated as the travel coordinator. Whoever that person is, be sure that they leave downtime between activities and plan for people to venture out on their own. It will happen.

Go on your trip.

Go out there an enjoy yourself.


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