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A 24 Layover in Puerto Rico

Spending 24 hours in Puerto Rico is just enough to get a taste of the city. While I love day trips, I wish I would have had more time to spend in this amazing city to explore.

While I only took a day trip to Puerto Rico, I would encourage travelers to spend at least 3-4 days in this beautiful paradise. Even after the hurricane and the devastation, I found Puerto Rico to be a gorgeous island. The people of Puerto Rico are so pleasant. From what I was able to experience on my trip, the culture reminded me a lot of New Orleans – super laid back and hospitable.

 Puerto Rico Itinerary 

Getting There:

We flew from Miami to San Juan, PR on a 2-hour flight. If you haven’t booked flights yet, set an alert to be notified when deals occur.

The San Juan airport is located 21 minutes from Isla Verde, Carolina where we stayed for the night.

9:00 AM

Yoga on The Beach

Start your day in Isla Verde, Carolina PR with morning meditation and sun salutations on the beach. Take a moment to connect with nature, relax, and unwind because you’re going to have a long day ahead of you.

10:00 AM

Grab breakfast!

Grab a refreshing juice and a bite to eat at Playa Papaya Bistro and Juice Bar to compliment your refreshing morning.

11:00 AM

Call an Uber.
Call an Uber or grab a taxi and head over to Old San Juan. There’s so much to do and see here.

12:00 PM

Check out Castillo De San Cristobal
Check out the largest fortification built by Spain in the New World.

2:00 PM

Hungry yet?
Grab a bite at one the many great restaurants in Old San Juan.  Try Palmas, or try some of the other local favorites like The Jibarito, Verde Mesa, Cafe Puerto Rico, Cafe El Punto, &Punto De Vista Rooftop.

3:00 PM

Visit Castillo El Morro.
Castillo El Morrow is located on the northeast side of Old San Juan. The fortification, named after King Philip II, that was designed to defend the San Juan Bay against seaborne enemies.

4:00 PM

Check out Galería Éxodo.
Buying local art is one of the beautiful ways to create volotourism. Check out the many art galleries near Galeria Exodo, they’ll be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

5:00 PM

Take a break.
Stop for drinks at La Factoria, one of the World’s Best Bars according to Drinks International.

6:00 PM

Have Dinner.
Grab a bite and drink at Barrachina, the place where the Pina Colada was created.

7:30 PM

Take a stroll.
Walk over to Paseo de la Princesa where you will find an artisan market filled with handmade art, crafts, and jewelry. As you stroll, take in the views of the city.

9:00 PM

Head back to Isla Verde to rest.

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