hi, i'm pattynomayo. - pattynomayo
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vibes dealer + mood healer + certified hot girl 

if you asked patty, that’s exactly who she is – a lover of good music + a good time. always working to connect with people, explore cultures, and discover new experiences, patty seeks to find and explore places, spaces, and music that bridge gaps and tell deep energetic stories.

for patty, connection and culture is her core and music is her therapy.

in fact, music found her at one of the lowest points in her life.

in march 2019, patty’s boyfriend was taken from her by senseless gun violence and it was in her grieving process that she discovered the healing art of music. 

since then, she’s been working to heal others through the stories she tells when she djs.

“for me, it’s bigger than the music. it’s about the energy and how you use the music you play to move the crowd, taking people on their own personal journeys, and feeding their spirits.” 


to my forever bae, Thurman L. Bailey

On March 8, 2019 , my life changed in more ways than one. Losing you was and has been one of my greatest losses. Since then, my life has gained a new meaning. All that I am now is because of you. I dedicate my work to you.

forever + always tied in spirit – pattynomayo

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