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The images featured here for illustrative purposes are property of pattynomayo.com and the owner. They are not to be re-shared or reused for professional material or purposes. If you need to use any of the images for research or social media, please use the contact page for permission use. Any imagery not taken by the author is clearly credited with a link to photographer. pattynomayo.com is always hiring new photographers and will accept any proposals for photography work on the contact page.

From time to time a paid for advertorial may appear on the homepage, or any subsequent category pages. This will be very clearly marked above the fold for the reader to decide if they wish to continue reading. pattynomayo.com always seeks to be a trusted voice therefore would never take any paid advertorial that is not fitting within the website. No opinion will be swayed by a paid for advertorial and pattynomayo.com confirms that all opinions are of the author (Patricia Bogard) and not of any affiliated company. All advertorials on this website are in compliance FTC guidelines.

pattynomayo.com accepts PR gifting within reasonable means, while also reserving the right at any time to turn down any unwanted gift arrivals. pattynomayo.com will only feature PR gifts that are befitting with the nature of the blog, and that meet the author’s requirements for sharing. As a reader you will find the product clearly marked within the top of the fold of the blog and again throughout the blog post when the product is mentioned, in compliance with FTC guidelines.

If you wish to send a PR gift to feature on pattynomayo.com or subsequent social media pages, please use the contact form to get in touch. Gifting does not guarantee coverage and is at the senders discretion. Only gifts that are genuinely liked or enjoyed by the author or any related authors will feature as to maintain trust and honesty.

pattynomayo.com on occasion uses affiliate links. These affiliate links are to products she knows and trusts and will only do so when it absolutely makes sense for the post.Any link therefore unless clearly marked as such is not an affiliate link, and clicking it will not make the author any revenue. Links will open in a new tab and will clearly display a clean URL with no affiliate tracking or tracing.

Note from Patty: Anything you see on this site, I believe in. I work hard to keep this a fun, insightful, and positive space therefore I ask that that all comments remain fun, insightful, and positive as well. I welcome any and all constructive criticism. Please remember when looking at the wellness + beauty posts, things that may work for me may not always work for you. These are only my opinions and things that are tried and true for me. I invite you to do your own research for many differing voices before making any purchases.

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