too much sauce: finding my confidence
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Once upon a time in my life, I confused downplaying myself and not using my voice with being humble. I equated being boastful or proud as being egotistical. I didn’t like talking about my accomplishments because I thought it made me seem self absorbed. And sometimes, I didn’t speak on things because I didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable around me because of what I done in my life. 

You know what that led to: me downplaying my greatness, making myself feel uncomfortable, and worst of all, downplaying my worth.

The funny thing about grieving a love lost though, is that you start to access your values, thoughts, and beliefs. You find yourself purging relationships, thoughts, and things. You no longer have the capacity to live in a way that doesn’t fulfill you. And if you’re anything like me, you find yourself stepping into the role you’ve always wanted to play … YOU.

It is there, where your confidence lies – in your authentic self.